A streetscape of live action, performance, music, art, installations and sound.

DATE:   Fri, 27 May
WHEN:   5-9:00pm 
WHERE:   Main Street

"Out of the Box"


Gatherings 2022

Fri, 27 May

the bells stage 5am pop up

WHERE:  71- 78 Park Main Street Stawell 

The Bells performance is a globally recognised extravaganza of music, aerial mayhem and utter exhaustion. 5 Angry Men (5AM) is a public space theatre company renowned for their innovative and extraordinary stage design and physically arduous performances. The theatre troupe is committed to commentary on contemporary culture, human nature and relationships using universal symbols. The result is comedic, tragic and absurd, but no matter what - the Bells MUST be rung.... 

Community Workshops

Throughout Friday 27th May workshops with be run in The Bells innovative stage, sharing the fun and theatre with locals. The Young Ones from local musical theatre groups SPARCI will have an Out of the Box experience learning how performance comes in many forms. The troupe will train with 5AM sharpening their ensemble skills and learning to present theatre in new and fun ways. 

Pinnacle Inc support people through care, development and training in Stawell will participate in a workshop with 5AM as Out of the Box celebrates all abilities. The workshop will involve people exploring the sounds that can be created in The Bells stage, getting the feel of the ropes and the experience of working together. Using the stage already in the Pop-Up Park Main Street Stawell the workshop will be fun, exploratory and a little bit of chaos all on display.  

Later in the evening a live band of young people led by Lani Williams will fill the Bells Stage with upbeat indie pop music is a unique acoustic style. Featuring Lani’s stunning vocals, a ukulele, a bass guitar and cajon these dynamic musicians will share their talents with Stawell Out of the Box. 

Lani Williams & Ensemble

out of the box

. . . presents some of the delightful digital works by artist Hannah French that shows the exploration of overhead projector art and shares some joyful animations from a recent project at Lake Charm.  See more of Hannahs work at Gatherings- St Arnaud ‘Lights On’ St Arnaud 18th June 2022 or at https://hannahmfrench.com 

Asphyxia is a talented artist, author and performer who is also deaf. She paints quirky characters to touch and inspire people and remind us that inclusion is for everyone. Asphyxia created this image to honour Stella Young who she describes as a friend, a mentor and a great disability advocate. https://helloasphyxia.wordpress.com/ 

In 2021 Jacinda OSullivan completed a Creative Workers in School Project Regional Art Victoria with St Arnaud Secondary College the year 7 & 8 student’s animations are simple yet engaging heartfelt images of rural living for young people 

Celebrating the beautiful images in Pioneer Lane captured by local photographers of the Stawell district. Pioneer Lane shows the towns people, the regions great water sources, landscapes, industry and volunteers. Take this opportunity to visit the laneway gallery and share some words to describe what you see and the feelings it provokes. 

Arc Inside:

a focus of ‘Out of the Box’

Nina Robertson, a talented circus artist will provide a thrilling rope act on the Bells stage at the Pop-Up Park Main Street Stawell. Showing her skill, dedication and grace, Gatherings Stawell ‘Out of the Box’ is excited to be presenting Nina’s work.

A Sizzling Rope act

Grampians Ale Works

On your way through the street, stop into Grampians Ale Works to see the Gatherings projections on the wall next door. Enjoy a wine, home brewed larger or non-alcoholic drink and the best hospitality in the district from Shawna & Michael Dominelli. 

Projections and After Party

Come twirl, spin, hula hoop, do tricks and jumps with lots of circus props available for free play anytime on Friday 27th May at the Pop-Up Park Main St Stawell. All the circus fun you can imagine.

circus play all day


Illuminate designed by Stawell artist Annie Mac known for her fine millinery sees a stunning installation of colour, movement and magic. Come move through the works and capture yourself with some neon.

Light Installation Works

132 Main St 

Bi Rite Home Appliances at 141 Main St exhibits the sculptural works of Bruce Hemley who uses horse shoes and other found agricultural products in his designs. The original and interesting sculptures will be lit up for Gatherings Stawell Out of the Box.

Bruce Hemley

Sculpture by

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